2012 - 2013


affiche Chagall




Chagall between war and peace

21 February > 21 July 2013





Jean-Michel Foray (1942-2012), honorary general heritage curator.
Julia Garimorth-Foray, curator at the Musée d’Art moderne de la Ville de Paris



Chagall was nearly a hundred when he died in 1985. He had crossed most of the 20th century, living through one revolution, two wars and a period of exile, and rubbing shoulders with some of its most avant-garde artist ...






affiche cercle de l'art moderne




The modern art club,

avant-garde collectors in le Havre

19 Septemner 2012 > 6 January 2013




General curator : Annette Haudiquet, chief curator at the Musée d’Art moderne André Malraux - MuMa

Consultant curator : Géraldine Lefebvre, conservation officer at the Musée d’Art moderne André Malraux -MuMa

Exhibition design : Jean-Julien Simonot



On 29 January 1906, a group of art collectors and artists formed the Modern Art Club... 





2011 - 2012


affiche cima



Cima Da Conegliano,

Master of the venitian Renaissance

5 April > 15 July 2012





Giovanni Carlo Federico Villa, Professor of the history of modern art and musicology, University of Bergamo



Giovanni Battista Cima (1459-1517), born in a small town in Venetia, is one of the leading representatives of Venetian painting in the late 15th and early 16th century. In contact with the greatest artists in Venice, he developed ...





affiche Cézanne




Cézanne and Paris

12 October 2011 > 26 February 2012





General curator : Gilles Chazal, director of the Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris.

Scientific committee : Denis Coutagne, chief heritage curator, president of the Paul Cézanne society.

Maryline Assante di Panzillo, curator of the painting department, Petit Palais, Musée des Beaux Arts de la Ville de Paris.



Although ...






affiche Cranach




Cranach in his time

9 February > 23 May 2011 





Guido Messling



To mark the European opening of the Musée du Luxembourg’s programme dedicated to the Renaissance, the museum is reopening with an exhibition on Lucas Cranach (circa1472-1553), one of the major artists of the German Renaissance. This prolific, versatile painter whose career spanned the first half of the 16th century, is still somewhat unknown to the ..